“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”
                                                 -Jane Goodall-

  • PechaKucha Night Nishinomiya #50
    Konan University, Nishinomiya (CUBE)
    12月17日 18:40 – 21:00 JST
    Konan University, Nishinomiya (CUBE), Japan, 〒663-8204 Hyogo, Nishinomiya, Takamatsuchō, 8−33 甲南大学 西宮キャンパス
    For our year-end event, Kobe JALT is sponsoring PechaKucha Night Nishinomiya #50. It will be held in person at Konan University’s Hirao School of Management (CUBE) in Nishinomiya. This event is limited to 100 participants only. Share your passions, experiences and knowledge PechaKucha style!

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