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Aims and Scope

Kobe JALT Journal is an open-access peer-reviewed journal published by the Kobe chapter of JALT (Japan Association for Language Teaching) since 2019. It is a platform for previously unpublished research articles, book reviews, and classroom-based praxis articles which may be of interest to the English teaching community at large and in Japan specifically. International articles are welcome and JALT membership is not a prerequisite for submission and publication.

Theoretical and practical articles related to English language teaching are welcome. 
These topics

may include but are not limited to:

- diversity, equity, and inclusion in English language education

- English as a lingua franca

- extensive reading

- pragmatics

- reflective practice

- technology and teaching

- testing and evaluation

- vocabulary acquisition

We also welcome any submissions related to any of the JALT Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

Open Access Policy

Kobe JALT Journal does not require a JALT membership to access, read, or publish. Every issue of Kobe JALT Journal is free to read, download, and share.

Editorial Process

All submissions should be sent to the editorial board at Once received, authors will be contacted to confirm receipt of their submission. All articles undergo an initial review by a Kobe JALT Journal editor to ensure the submission meets the editorial standards and scope of the journal. Accepted research articles undergo blind peer review. Praxis articles and book reviews undergo editorial review, which is conducted by journal editors and/or elected officers of Kobe JALT.


All issues of Kobe JALT Journal are archived with the Internet Archive (

Article Processing Charges (APC)

Kobe JALT Journal does not charge authors for either submission or publication.

Copyright and Licensing

Authors featured in Kobe JALT Journal retain the copyright of their articles and are welcome to distribute and reproduce their work on any platform and by any method of their choosing. Authors are free to reprint their articles from Kobe JALT Journal in other academic journals under the conditions that the editorial board is notified and appropriate credit is given to Kobe JALT Journal.

Kobe JALT Journal, including all text, images, and graphics contained in each issue, is published under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 International License. Material published in Kobe JALT Journal may be copied and distributed without modification for noncommercial purposes and with appropriate credit given to each author(s).

Kobe JALT Journal is published with the ISSN 2434-9836.

Editorial Board

Armando Duarte - Kwansei Gakuin University
Kathryn Tanaka - University of Hyogo
Michael Griffiths - Konan University

Japanese Language Editor  


Komoda Mayumi (菰田 真由美) - Hanazono University


Andrea Andreou - Linguapop

Andrew (Andy) Lepla - University of Nottingham

Barun Sakar - Best Bites UAE

Brooks Slaybaugh - Hosei University

Chhayankdhar Singh Rathore - Konan Women’s University

Michael Essex - Shikoku Gakuin University

Nathan Cohen - British Council Vietnam

Peter Clynes - Kanazawa Seiryo University

Pharo Sok - Kyushu Sangyo University

Sanchit Anand - IDE Co. Ltd.

Stephen O'Connor - IPU New Zealand


Publications Committee:

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